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Having a Lipo in your city – Chicago Reviews

Talking to my girlfriend, i convinced her to undergo plastic surgery. She really needed a Liposuction. She has excess fat around her belly, love handles, and her butt. The fat stored in her buttocks does not bother me at all. I actually like her round derriere. But for sure to only way she can have a nice body back is a Lipo. By that time we both lived in Chicago, Illinois.

We started to search surgeons in the city and surrounding areas. We just went to the different search engines and started searching for chicago lipo and Liposuction surgeons in Chicago.

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My Girlfriend before the Lipo


We came up with many surgeon pages and reviewed each one of the doctors. First we checked if there were any reviews and stars (as you see them in the Google results). We focused mostly in what Testimonials had to say about their lipo procedures. Watched in detail the before and after pictures. This section of before and after is a key resource where you can start and get the idea of what the doctor performs on his patients. When you see dramatic results (of course) i refer to positive results, you get more motivated to find out about the specific surgeon. Also we paid attention on the qualifications of the surgeon.

  • Is he or her a plastic or cosmetic surgeon?
  • How long has he been performing Lipo procedures? (we don’t care about how long he has done other procedures, we just want to know all about his professional experience only related to Lipo)
  • What are his academic and official qualifications ? (who many boards is he member of? is he more of a research doctor or does he just focus into his praxis?)
  • The price is actually the least of the factors we pay attention to. Actually the general rule is the better the doctor, the more he/she charges. This is just plain math. More qualifications, more demand, the more he can charge. As long as it is your health and your appearance price is not a deal.

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