Miami Surgeon Reveals his Plastic Surgery Techniques on SnapChat

A Florida cosmetic surgeon has gained social media notoriety for posting explicit videos of his procedures on Snapchat.

Dr.Michael Salzhauer otherwise known as Dr. Miami came into the public limelight last year after he posted an explicit video of his procedures on Snapchat.

In what is a novel way of using social media especially for a doctor, the middle-aged American surgeon now has over 250 thousand fans drawn by his candid photos of bum boosts, thigh lifts and nose jobs.

Dr. Miami – and his Snapshat Show


A Miami cosmetic surgeon has found himself the unexpected social media star after sharing on Instagram before and after images of his clientele’s procedures.

Going by the Moniker Dr. Miami, Dr. Michael Salhauer became famous last year after he posted explicit videos of his procedures on Snapchat.

Broadcasting to over half a million people every day, the Doctor posts butt lifts, boob jobs, labiaplasties, liposuction, and tummy tucks.

Dr. Salzhauer does 20 procedures a week, or an average of a thousand every year, and estimates that he has treated more than 10,000 patients in his practice.

Dr. Salzhauer usually starts his day at about 7.30 am by greeting his Snapchat followers in the familiar monologue each morning, saying: Good morning, everyone. I am Dr. Miami, a cosmetic surgeon and making people feel better about their bodies is what I do.

Workingsometimes up to midnight, while performing procedures to hip hop soundtracks, he constantly updates his social media feeds with assistance from his subordinates.

He also posts uncanny YouTube videos himself alongside his subordinates acting out dance scenes as part of his unabashed self promotion.

Dr. Salzhauer always asks his patients if they are fine with him sharing their transformations with the public. He has also extended his social media exploits to Vine and Twitter.

The X-rated body parts and the identities of his clientele are usually hidden under smiley face, diamond, and heart emoji.

After working as a cosmetic surgeon for over 20 years, Dr. Miami asserts that his social media endeavors have enhanced his practice.

“It would not be possible if my practice was just starting out. It just would not. But I must admit the business has been positively impacted”, he said.

Introduced to Snapchat by his 15 year old daughter, Dr. Salzhauer asserts that making Eva laugh is the primary reason he posts on Snapchat.

Dr. Miami’s Famous Patient

It took less than a week after her Teen Mom 2 co-star Lowry Kailyn’s multiple cosmetic surgery procedures with Dr. Miami, before Evans Jenelle wanting her chin done came to Miami for a consultation with Dr. Snapchat.


In another of his never-ending videos on Snapchat, Dr. Miami gives an introduction of Jenelle (and the boyfriend Eason David) and inquires what she needs from him.

I think my chin seems too pointy and that’s why I need it to be fixed, said Jenelle.

Inspecting Jenelle’s chin Dr. Miami says that a woman should have a chin that barely extends further than the bottom lip when they smile, and be aligned with the bottom lip when not in a smile.

A Guide to Botox Plastic Surgery

Botox works by blocking the nerves that makes the muscles contract. When injections are given, the wrinkles will disappear because the Botox injections relax the underlying muscles which cause the skin to be smoother. Choosing a doctor who will administer your Botox injections takes a bit of time and a little bit of research, but the results will take years off your appearance as well as improve your skin’s texture. You want to choose a qualified specialist who is able to administer Botox injections. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists are authorized to administer Botox.

Before having your Botox procedure done, you want to see before and after pictures of previous clients. This will give you a sense of how effective the treatments are and what the outcome is for most of the clients. Many doctors will display a gallery of pictures in the waiting room or receptionist area. You can also do a quick check on the specialists by contacting the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery as well as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. They keep a database of qualified Botox specialists.

There are many reasons that Botox procedures are done such as lazy eye, migraines that are extremely painful, neck pain and excess sweating in the armpit area. There are some other conditions that Botox can be used to treat, such as bladder problems and back pain. All medical conditions that can be treated with Botox injections must be first approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

As with any type of procedures, injections are not without risks. Although risks are very low with Botox, they can and do occur. Some side effects after the injections can include redness, bruising, headache, muscle weakness and nausea. You will need to bring these to the attention of your doctor, should you experience any of them. There are some side effects in which you need to call your doctor immediately if you experience any of them including vision troubles, breathing problems or trouble talking. Rare side effects include seizures, chest pain and neck pain.

After most botox treatments, the patient can instantly return to their normal activities with a few common-sense limitations. Following the post-procedure guidelines, can dramatically reduce the length and intensity of your recovery period. Naturally, you should avoid heavy physical exercise, sweating unnecessarily, applying cosmetics, or laying down flat for the first 4 hours after the injections. It is also advisable to avoid rubbing or massaging any of the areas of the face where the Botox was injected for at least 24 hours after the non-surgical cosmetic facial procedure.

Choices of Liposuction Alternatives

Today, there exist a number of FDA-approved liposuction alternatives. They are a lot safer and less traumatizing to the body. Those alternatives are non-surgical, therefore they are less invasive than liposuction. No, you will not find any cannula (that tube used to suction fat out of the body) and there won’t be any incisions made.

  1. Mesotherapy

If you’re looking to reduce fat in your body without doctors having to make any incision, mesotherapy is one of many liposuction alternatives. Developed in France in the fifties, included in the treatment are some vitamins and minerals, and amino-acids microscopic quantities of homeopathic medicine and traditional drugs.

It is called mesotherapy because homeopathic vitamins and medicine are injected into the mesoderm, the middle skin layer. Putting in those substances inside the body removes cellulite and triggers the fat burning process. It also brings back youthful skin.

About 5-15 sessions is needed to see the desired outcome of the patient. After that time patients usually review their doctors and share their experiences in social networks.

  1. Med Contour

Med Contour is one of those liposuction alternatives that needs no anesthesia and only uses vacuum suction and ultrasound therapy to get rid of cellulites, contour the body and melt fat.

In Med Contour, ultrasound emissions are fired directly at fat cells of a specific area. The emissions cause the adipocytes to burst in a process called cavitation. The entire treatment is anywhere from 1 ½ hours to 2 hours. To see expected outcome, 4-6 sessions will be needed.

  1. iSlim Lipo

Are you looking for liposuction alternatives that have no recovery time and no undesired side effects? You can choose iSlim Lipo. Both women and men can lose up to 2-3 inches during their first treatment. iSlim Lipo uses combined red light and laser and has been approved by FDA.

iSlim Lipo uses calibrated red light to deceive the mitochondria of fat cells, fooling them to act like they are starved. As the laser beams penetrate into the skin, the adipocytes become minimized, shrinking them.

iSlim Lipo lasts between 15-30 minutes for every area and requires 5-10 sessions.

  1. CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure to remove excess fats by destroying adipocytes. It is approved by the FDA.

Without using any anesthesia, your doctor will use a cooling device to suction out the fat called a CoolSculpting applicator. In doing so, lipolysis is triggered and the adipocytes become crystallized, eliminating them for life. The desired effects are seen after 2-4 weeks and each session lasts for about an hour.

With CoolSculpting, a patient will have a permanent solution to get rid of flab as long as he has regular exercise and maintains a healthy diet.

  1. VelaShape

Not missing from liposuction alternatives is the popular VelaShape, which combines infrared light energy, mechanical massage, vacuum pump technology and bipolar radiofrequency (or RF) to remove cellulite and fats from the body. The light energy and radiofrequency is used to break down and liquefy the adipocytes. Patients can lose up to 7.2 cm but the procedure requires months for optimum results. At present, it is approved only on some areas of the body like the abdomen, thighs, love handles and buttocks.

Mother Faces ID Theft Charge For Plastic Surgery

Malanie Young, a 37 year old woman from Seminole County, got on the wrong side of the law, since she was involved in an identity theft. The essence of Young being involved in the identity theft was to spend money on her plastic surgery. This is according to the investigators.

Coming from Seminole County in Orlando, Melanie Young has been reported to have spent about $20,000 on her plastic surgery. Well, all that money was not her own, according to the deputies’ report. It is understood that Melanie stole another woman’s identity and as a result, opened a credit card in her name.

The suspect was arrested on the 10th of July, 2015, last Friday, for having spent over $17,000 on the victim’s health care credit card, to finance her cosmetic surgery. It is understood that Melanie Young, who is now a suspect, was arrested as she was coming from the clinic for the doctor’s appointment. The arrest might have been planned for, but it was all about coincidence.

She had set up more than $17,000 in two clinics that were to take care of her cosmetic surgery. The two clinics include one in Altamonte Springs that is responsible for the surgery procedures and another in Orlando that is specifically involved with cosmetic dentistry.

It is reported that Melanie Young had already gone through 4 surgeries at the Florida Surgery Center, which is located in Altamonte Springs. She was planning to have more surgeries, but got busted when she was from her final stages of her appointment.

The victim resides in Volusia County and she said that she did not know Malanie Young, the suspect. She also says that she did not know anything about the credit card that was about to be in massive debts. However, the victim cited that when she went through her credit report with one of the leading bureaus, she realized that there was an account that was opened in her credit card account. She had not authorized that account and it is the reason why the investigations kicked off. The credit card provider of the victim is Synchrony Bank.

Another thing that led to the successful arrest of the suspect was the help and cooperation of one doctor. The doctor did not want to appear on camera or reveal his identity, probably for the sake of his safety. The doctor works at the Denver Liposuction Center and he is basically the one who set up the suspect, as it is understood.

The entire process of the arrest started from the woman that had her credit account tampered with. The victim gave the investigators the most relevant information. From the information provided, the investigators had the details of where the card was used last. Coincidentally, the last place that the card was used was where the 37 year old suspect, Melanie, was planning to have an appointment. She had already scheduled for the appointment at the clinic. That same day that the investigators visited the area is the same day that Melanie was having her appointment and one thing led to another.

She was arrested just when she was through with her final follow-up on her appointment. Melanie herself didn’t know about the presence of the investigators at the clinic. Just as she was coming out of the clinic, the investigators were on her back.

The son of the suspect, 20 year old Tyree Young, claims that he doesn’t believe that his mother can steal the identity of another person. Nonetheless, the son says that her mother reduced some weight after she went through one surgery for the weight loss. Tyree Young also said that the surgery helped to boost her mother’s confidence and that it generally made her happy. The son added that he doubts if the mother stole the identity, but he says that she should be punished if she did. All in all, Tyree’s mother faces ID theft charge for plastic surgery.

Melanie Young was then released on a bond of $11,000 from the Seminole County Jail. In addition, the court has charged her with special identity theft, since the victim is reportedly over 60. In addition to this, the investigators cite that Melanie Young used the duplicitous credit card at a Dentist’s office in Orlando.

Singer Jordin Sparks and her stand on the Breast Implant Issue

Jordin Sparks came to popularity as an American Idol season 6 winner and has been long adored by fans globally due to her magnificent voice and quality songs. Her popular songs include “No Air,” “This is My Now,” “Battlefield,” “Tatoo,” and “One Step at a Time”to name a few. The media has also been following her regarding love life and weight loss.

Jordi - nashville Indy 500
Jordi – at a singers convention in Nashville, TN – before the indy 500

Many have seen how she was able to change her looks when she started her career, and how she looks now. And this is all thanks to her natural way of staying healthy and dieting. And her secret spreads throughout the Netizen world, giving hope to those people having difficulty to lose weight. Losing weight not by surgery, but by diet plans.

Now, a new battlefield has been opened for Ms. Sparks as she was rumored to have undergone plastic surgery to increase her breast size. The articles about her spread quickly and as she denies all these rumors of having anything done to her body, a rep also helped to prove the news wrong.

Before we head further, let’s get so facts about breast implants. The most common reason for the procedure is to improve symmetry problems of the breast and some says to improve their confidence by enhancing self-image. There are limitations to this procedure such as drooping breasts and is usually made after an assessment by a competitive surgeon. Breast implants or breast augmentation received different reviews regarding its benefits. Although technology has improved over time, most (conservative), if not all, still views people having augmentation negatively. Concerns like, why do you need it? You should love the body you have. Do you want to have cancer? They would not look good when you get older. And many more links to this procedure still does not change. Do you think Jordin Sparks qualify as a breast implant candidate?

The issue started out by MediaTakeOut entitled “Pop Sensation JORDIN SPARKS Unveils Her NEW BREAST IMPLANTS… What Do Y’all Think… Did She Go TOO BIG???” when Ms. Sparks attended the Indy 500 and sang the National Anthem. During the said event, she was wearing a white crop tank top under a white blazer and jeans. This photo together with an old photo of hers is enough for them to make a news article about getting her “new” boobs. However, there is no clear evidence if the singer has really undergone the breast enhancement procedure and her views were not taken as part of the article made. A fan in twitter wrote her a comment on the matter, saying that she doesn’t need it. And the singer responded by contradicting the matter. And the fan further mentioned how he appreciates that Ms. Sparks cleared the matter, and having the guts to point her stand. People from the media industry has to fight this every day, and as she said, we don’t need to believe everything we read, so get the facts done first.

breast surgery : courtesy
breast surgery : courtesy – Nasville Liposuction Specialty Clinic

This is not the first time that rumors have gone out about celebrities having their breast done by MediaTakeOut. Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashians are also victims of these rumors and denied everything that came out from this site. Without any validation of their source, you get an instant breast implant job, just by comparing an old photo with a new one. So whether the contents of this site are true or not, who are we to contest? And how they get the contents just shows how creative people are.

Gossip Cop revealed that she did not get her breast done. They even pointed out that Ms. Sparks is featured in “Hot Bodies” issue of People Magazine where she told them how much she appreciates and adores her body, to littlest thing like her scars and would have a photo taken without the need of any filters or photoshop.

Jordin Sparks has been an inspiration to a lot of people all over the world – not only through her songs, but also through her advocacies. One of them is I’m M.A.D. Are You? campaign, which cultivates voluntarism in teens and young adults. She has inspiring children and a lover of nature a seen in her charities and projects. There is no doubt about her stand on changing the gifts she has. And her comment proves that there is no clear decision of undergoing any surgical procedure at the moment.

Plastic Surgery and Children

Most people undergo plastic surgery to undo the effects of aging on their bodies. Saggy skin and breasts, wrinkles, excess body fat, lopsided mouths and asymmetrical noses and ears are some of the many concerns of men and women when it comes to their bodies. Those who can afford plastic surgery often go for procedures to correct these “problem” areas. However, plastic surgery is not limited to adults. An increasing number of children are getting plastic surgery with the consent of their parents.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for Children

Children who are born with congenital deformities are often taken in by their parents to have plastic surgery. However, the acceptability of this trend is blurred. Some say that children must be allowed to grow until at least 16 years of age before undergoing invasive cosmetic procedures because children have a lot of room for physical development as they grow (according to the website However, some deformities should be corrected as soon as possible. An example is the case of children who are born with one or no nostrils. It is important to know that the majority of plastic surgery procedures done on children and infants are due to defects. Here are two of the few physical conditions in children that plastic surgery can fix:

  1. Cleft palate and lip

When babies are formed in the womb, the two halves of their faces fuse in the middle. Due to genetics, chance, and the mother’s lifestyle during pregnancy, cleft palate and cleft lip could develop. Although they are harmless, they can be aesthetically displeasing.

  1. Syndactyly and Polydactyly

Synactyly is a congenital defect wherein the fingers and toes fail to separate into digits. As a result, the skin and muscles are attached to one or more fingers or toes although the finger bones have differentiated. Polydactyly, on the other hand, is the growth of excess fingers and toes. Syndactyly and polydactyly can become bothersome as the children grow, especially when they enter school. Plastic surgery can remedy these defects so the child would function normally.

However, congenital defects are not the only reason why children undergo plastic surgery. An increasing number of kids, especially in the UK, insist on plastic surgery because they are being bullied. They want to reduce the size of their ears or to erase moles. In some cases, parents insist on plastic surgery to prevent bullying. A New York-based charity foundation once launched a free plastic surgery event to address cleft palate and less serious cosmetic problems like protruding ears.

A man with over 20 plastic surgeries

Rodrigo Alves who has undergone over 20 plastic surgeries is planning to undergo another surgery. The air steward is planning to undergo another surgery which will cost about £5,000. He has previously undergone a total of 20 plastic surgeries which has made him pay a total of £125,000. The latest plastic surgery that Rodrigo Alves is planning to have is going to help him have a stem cell hair transplant. Some of the cosmetic surgeries that Rodrigo Alves has undergone include the following:

Pectoral implants


This is also another type of cosmetic surgery that the star has ever undergone. The procedure was successful which made the star feel good after undergoing it. Till now the procedure has not developed any complications on the star. Pectoral implants are to men what breasts implants are to female patients. Breast augmentation in women is somewhat more accepted socially, while having pectoral implants is more rare and only a few male patients opt for it as a short cut to a worked out appearance. In 50% of the cases of chest implants for men, the patient undergoes a previous gynecomastia correction, which is the removal of excess glandular tissue that produces the popular man boobs.

Nose jobs


These are types of plastic surgeries that are carried out to correct the shape of the nose. This is a common type of cosmetic surgery that many stars have undergone especially those who will like to achieve certain looks on their noses.


This is another surgery that the star has ever undergone. The procedure is aimed at removing excess fats from the body. It is also a common cosmetic surgery in stars who will like to slim. The procedure is very effective in reducing weight.

Six pack

In order to develop six pack the star also underwent the surgery in order to achieve the six pack. While performing the stem cell implant the doctors first performed a liposuction where they extracted fats from his back after which they mixed it with 500ml of blood. They then injected the mixture into the balding patches on the star. This lead to the stem cell hair implant being successful. The procedure was worth £5,100. The results were great where the star was very impressed.

Although the star has underwent a lot of cosmetic surgeries, he is only 30 years old. All these are in a bid for the star to look like Ken Doll. This is a case that proves that many plastics surgeries can be carried out on an individual usefully. Rodrigo Alves has entered the book of records as the first person to ever undergo stem cell hair transplant in the UK. The stem hair transplant that the star underwent only took four hours. Although it took only four hours that star was quoted commenting that the procedure was successful because it has helped him see the results that he was looking for before he decided to undergo the procedure.

Nosejob might not be the surgery for you

Nose job, also referred to Rhinoplasty, nose reshaping is a cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery) procedure that shapes your-nose. It may change the shape of your nose, alter the tip of the nose, make the nose smaller or larger, make indentations, correct bumps, or still correct breathing problems.


A cosmetic surgeon or a Rhinoplasty surgeon constructs a facially functional, proportionate, and aesthetic appearance of your nose by separating the nasal skin and the soft tissues from the nasal Osseo cartilaginous framework.

The nose jobs or rhinoplasty procedure

There are several methods to perform a rhinoplasty procedure. These include;

#1.Standard rhinoplasty-In this method, incisions are done inside the nostrils. The soft tissue, cartilages, and nasal bones are restructured to improve the shape and appearance of your nose.

#2.Open or Partial rhinoplasty-One incision is done externally across the columella-strut between your nostrils. Soft tissues, cartillage, and bones are then restructured. This is a perfect choice for bigger and difficult noses that have upper wrinkles in the fore head. Other patients opt to have those expression lines above the nose to be removed with Botox.

(courtesy )

#3.Limited or Tip-plasty rhinoplasty- This nose job technique is an exceptional alternative if you require to change the look of the nose tip.

#4.Nostril reduction-Nostrils are sometimes wide-ranging and horizontally sloping instead of vertically hence to correct this appearance, the cosmetic surgeon would reduce large-nostrils by making small incision at your nostril’s base. This procedure can be done with both the partial and standard methods.

#5.Nasal rejuvenation-Middle-aged people time and again complain that their own nose stretches and drops over time. In this cosmetic surgery, the skin of your nose is tightened by-lifting the tip of your nose.

#6.Septorhinoplasty-In this rhinoplasty procedure, the shape of the nose and your breathing passages are made bigger by shaping and correcting internal elements (septum and turbinate) of the nose.

Recovery and follow-up care

#1.Stage one (about 1 week after surgery)-You experience some swelling and bruising which will stop in 6 to 9 days. You ought to engage in physical activities, but avoid jogging, running and contact sport.

#2.Stage two (seven weeks after surgery)-This is the time needed for your bones to heal.

#3.Stage three (1 year after surgery)-This is the time needed for all your scar tissues to completely soften and to feel normal.

How well nose reshaping or rhinoplasty works

The result of rhinoplasty surgery might be significant or minor, depending on what type of nose reshaping or correction you want. It’s imperative that your cosmetic surgeon and you agree on the aim of the cosmetic surgery. If your personal expectation or goals achievable and your surgeon share them, then he/she will be in a position to give the result that you want.

Lastly, rhinoplasty encompasses non-surgical and surgical invasive methods. Introduction and advancement of new state of innovative-technologies make it (rhinoplasty) amongst the safest cosmetic surgery procedure

More then a simple lipo – Advanced Laser Lipo

Laser liposuction is a new cosmetic technique that uses laser technology to liquefy the fat that’s found in the body before it’s removed, making it simpler to remove the fat out through liposuction. Laser may also be used to stimulate collagen and elastin production, which may result in tighter, firmer and smoother skin. Laser may coagulate small blood-vessels in the area (which translate to) less bruising.

Types of Laser lipo

There are 2 method of laser lipo, internal and external.

# External liposuction-This uses laser (in the form of a pad or pen) outside the body of the patient before the surgery starts.

# Internal laser liposuction-This type of lipo uses a laser that is attached to the suction-device or a fiber-optic probe end which is then inserted into the particular area that’s to be treated.


pictures & video courtesy of:

What does liposuction surgery cost?

Because lipo is normally used to improve your body appearance than your health, it’s not usually available on the National Health Service-NHS. Prices of laser lipo will depend on the available amount of body-fat you intend to have-removed. The larger the area the more expensive the lipo will be. You should expect to pay $ 2300 per area, though most clinics give discount if you require treatment in more than one area.

Does liposuction laser surgery work?

Whilst your look will be altered, cosmetic surgery isn’t an alternative when it comes to exercising and maintaining a healthy diet. It’s imperative to be careful. Whilst laser liposuction might be able to change your body’s shape, it can’t address lifestyle issues. Moreover it will not decrease the appearance of stretch marks or cellulite. As with all surgical-procedures, there are several complications and risks that are involved, including blood clots, scarring and infection.

It’s much better to have a long term changes in your lifestyle and lose-weight through moving more and eating less

Advantages of laser lipo

# Available privately, you do not have to wait for long

# Reduced bruising (possibly)

# Quicker recovery (possibly)

Disadvantages of Lipo laser

# Expensive

# Allergic reactions to medications

What are the types of available operations?

# Ultrasonic liposuction uses concentrated sound-waves to break-down fat.

# Smart liposuction get rid of smaller amounts of fat without sedation (laser are internally used to limit the-recovery-time).

# Vaser liposuction uses ultrasonic technology .

Considerations before liposuction laser surgery?

# You must be over 18 years and in good general-health

# Fat should in certain specific body-areas

# You must have an exercise regime and an ongoing diet.

# Older people might find skin stays-saggy.

Last but not least National Health Security recommends that if you chose to have weight loss surgery or lipo, you should make sure that your medic has been trained in both plastic and general surgery.

Laser Breast Augmentation Procedure

If you’re not satisfied with your breast size and are considering breast augmentation to boost your breast size, you will not have to endure any discomfort or pain in this plastic surgery procedure. Laser breast augmentation is definitely a revolutionary procedure that uses laser beam to finely cut the skin to reduce discomfort and pain that accompanies the insertion of implant, and when creating pocket for them in the chest wall. It’s a innovative technique for inserting saline or silicone breast implants, and is still being tested across the world. However, this technique could be a valuable option for all those who’re considering breast augmentation surgery.

Difference between tradition and laser breast augmentation incisions

subfacial, subglanduar and subpectora implant placement
subfacial, subglanduar and subpectora placement








Images courtesy of :

In traditional technique the plastic surgeon makes deep incision under breast and restructures areola and nipples depending upon the size of implants. For this, surgeon will use tools to cut and manipulate skin tissues. Plastic surgeon will be working on a very small area, so the entire breast augmentation procedure can be delicate and traumatic one. Still many have successfully perfected this technique and offer naturally looking results.

In laser breast augmentation technique, surgeon uses laser to cut and manipulate skin tissues. This beam creates a pocket that is used to insert the implant, and this technique causes less discomfort and pain than traditional procedure. The breast implants can be quickly placed in the pocket, and can be inflated to the desired size within seconds. The nipple area and the surrounding skin is then be sewn back together.

Benefits of Laser Breast Augmentation

Laser breast augmentation technique is being performed for all those who really want a swift breast lift, or just want to sculpt or reshape their existing breasts. Usually the laser light in the beam is absorbed by water present in the skin cells which tones and tightens the skin. This is akin to laser facelift procedure. The mild heat from laser also heats up the skin and its surrounding tissues and also increases collagen production. This creates more youthful and healthier breasts. 

the texture of implants
the texture of implants

Many experts believe that laser breast augmentation effects are long lasting and this procedure leaves your skin looking more toned, softer and youthful. There are absolutely no side effects of this procedure, and there’s no downtime involved. Some might experience slight redness and swelling that goes away within few hours.

All those who’re wary of pain associated with breast augmentation procedure should opt for laser augmentation. It’s the most cost effective and fastest way to get the breasts you’ve always dream of.