Plastic Surgery For Pets – a trend in Milwaukee

Plastic surgery for pets may not be something in the mainstream media, but believe it or not, it’ something that’s done in the U.S. There are instances when plastic or even cosmetic surgeries are actually necessary for the health as well as the well-being of the pet. Nevertheless, there isn’t any explanation for putting your pet through a surgical procedure which could be really dangerous or life-threatening simply to make that particular pet visually pleasing to the owner.

In Milwaukee these are the most popular pet plastic surgery procedures performed on pets

Tail docking: This procedure is performed when a dog is about two to ten years old, normally without any anesthesia. Puppies that undergo this procedure cry out loudly, but individuals who support this procedure insist that it isn’t painful. Nevertheless, this has been proved to be wrong. The same supporters of the procedure claim that cutting off the tail of a sporting dog protects the tail from getting injured. However, there are several sporting breeds which don’t have their tails cut and the non-sporting breeds with docked tails. Clearly, this makes this argument for tail docking invalid.

Ear cropping: It’s performed on an eight to ten weeks old puppy. Initially, it was practiced to help prevent the hostile dogs from attacking their opponents’ ears. While general anesthesia is normally used to do the procedure, there is always post-operative discomfort. The excuse used by the supporters of this surgery is that it actually helps prevent infection to the ear. This has been disapproved scientifically.

Both ear cropping and tail docking have been prohibited in several countries, but these procedures are still allowed in the U.S. There are a great number of veterinarians who won’t perform these surgeries considering them to be cruel treatment.

Breast reduction: After pregnancy, cats and dogs that are over-bred are frequently left with drooping skin folds around their mammary glands, occasionally even touching the floor. The breast reduction surgery has been done on the rescue dogs, helping to make them better-looking for adoption. If the drooping skin poses any physical difficulties for the pet, this is used as a corrective surgery.

Testicular implants: Since many people do not like the look on their dogs after neutering, the dogs stay intact. In the year 1993, dogs’ testicular implants known as neuticles were developed by a project known as Canine Testicular Implantation. The initial commercial implantation happened in the year 1995. Since then, numerous animals besides dogs, including bulls, cats, and horses, have undergone this procedure. There exist 3 models and 5 sizes for dogs and cats available today and are FDA-approved. Up to now, there haven’t been any complications reported with implants made from the solid silicone.

Declawing: This is a procedure done on cats where the anterior toes are cut off at the main joint. It’s a practice that’s used to help prevent cats from tearing the household items like furniture and curtains among other stuff. The cats experience severe pain and are left vulnerable. This surgical procedure also causes behavioral and physical problems. With time and patience, cats can actually be trained on how to use scratching posts and other deterrents to help save your possessions.

Debarking: It’s a surgical procedure also called vocal cordectomy. This procedure entails the removal of the laryngeal tissue off the pet’s vocal chords, which greatly reduces the sounds made by the dog. Barking is a basic means of communication in dogs, but too much barking could be controlled with proper training. The UK has banned this surgical procedure.

Root Canals: Gum disease is a really common problem in dogs and cats. Root canals are currently being done to help save these pets’ teeth from being taken out. Other imperfections in the mouth, normally hereditary and frequently painful for the pet, are rectified with retainers, braces, elastics, and tooth extraction.

Liposuction and fat removal: This is a trend which started in Milwaukee, WI (according to the website It’s also known as doggyplasty or kittyplasty. There have been claims that this procedure may cause post-operation uncontrollable aggression, and pets injuring themselves, biting scars and stitches, at times with fatal outcomes.

Face Lifts: Certain dogs have natural folds and wrinkles in their skin. At times these folds and wrinkles are very many and can cause problems such as infections. Facial folds may cause eye problems too. Corrective surgery reduces the wrinkles and folds and will help correct these problems.

In conclusion, these are just some of the surgical procedures performed on pets. There are debates on whether these procedures are really necessary. But honestly, I believe that plastic surgery for pets should only be done as a last option and only if your pet’s health and well-being is threatened.

The reasons why women prefer Chicago breast augmentation and its benefits

There are a large number of people who may have some kind of issues relating to the way their body looks. But unfortunately, most of the body parts cannot be rectified through plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has gained immense popularity in the past few decades but breast augmentation is the top choice for women who consider cosmetic procedures for correcting their defects. But there are some body parts that can be adjusted with plastic surgery which includes neck, face and breast. The most common surgical procedure that is preferred by a large number of women across the globe is known as breast augmentation. There are different reasons why women undergo this particular process which includes reduction or increasing the size of their breasts. This procedure is performed taking into account the comfort of the patient and it is known to affect the self esteem and confidence of women in a positive way.

There are other reasons why women prefer to undergo this surgical procedure which includes

  • Restoring breast appearance after weight loss and pregnancy
  • Breast reconstruction after cancer treatment
  • To improve image and self confidence
  • To rectify mistake of previous surgery

There are a large number of benefits that women can derive after Chicago breast augmentation as it helps in getting the desired shape and size of the breasts. This procedure is also known as breast enlargement or boob job and it is considered as the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure. The clinical name of this procedure is augmentation mammaplasty which involves surgical implantation of the breasts implants for increasing the fullness of breasts. It is also used for improving the breast symmetry. There are two types of implants that are available for breasts augmentation procedure which includes saline and silicone. Saline is considered as a safer option as compared to its counterpart as it includes less recovery time. Silicone was used solely for this plastic surgery in the past few years, it allows for more real feeling of the breast augmentation.

Chicago breast augmentation is a very popular plastic surgery that women opt for when they have lost volume of their breasts after weight loss or pregnancy. It is a surgical procedure with a large number of benefits which includes increase in self image, body image and self confidence. But when you are considering this surgical procedure, you will also need to consider the risk and complications that are related to it. You need to be in good emotional and physical health so that your chances of recovery can be enhanced without complications or infections. You also need to look after your emotional well being so that you can achieve a positive outlook on your body after the surgery. Even though this procedure is considered as a safe option but women needs to assess the risk and complications associated with it.

There are many women who prefer breast augmentation surgery to enlarge their naturally small breast and want to get fuller and firmer breasts. It is also for women who want to restore the volume of their breasts who has lost its volume after weight loss or breast feeding after pregnancy. There are a large number of women who wants to achieve symmetry as their breasts are not in proportion in terms of size. It is considered as a very popular cosmetic procedure as it is permanent than the other types of surgeries. It provides women with larger and fuller breasts so that their waist and hips appear slimmer. It makes women look more attractive and beautiful. It also provides full cleavage to women which are a boost to their appearance.

Breast augmentation is the best option for nursing or pregnant women whose skin has got flatten and stretched which results in unattractive saggy pouches. This breast can provide them with nice and attractive looking breasts. It also enables women to get back their youthful appearance after the surgery as it acts as a big boost to her self confidence. It also helps to pump the bustline of women which makes them look younger. Thus this plastic surgery provides them with natural looking breasts and this surgery is performed by a skillful and experienced surgeon who is capable of producing natural looking results.


How To Decrease Man Breast Tissue

Having the top choice methods for how to get rid of man breasts for teenagers is the same as it is for adults, and it involves a number of procedures; some are excellent and many are dangerous. No matter the track you take in your personal hope to overcome male breasts, working with some elementary and straightforward methods won’t just aid you in getting rid of male breasts but will also lead you to better wellness in general.

Going through the strain of male breasts for a young person can be quite challenging to handle simply because it creates a significant amount of mental distress which could last into the future. For that reason, it’s very vital that you discover ways to overcome man breasts for teenagers, and to do so in a safe way. This will make it easy for teen boys to avoid the dangers of the scorn they would take on from their peers.

Having male breasts does not always mean that you are heavy or even obese. There are a number of males who are in decent shape, and are regarded as skinny, that suffer from the appearance of man breasts. The good news is, there are a lot of strategies which are proven to not only minimize the appearance of male breasts, but to essentially dissolve them. Considering time and space restrictions, I am going to list only a couple here:

1 – Push Up Workout routines is Not the Remedy

There are several individuals who assume that through doing push ups, or bench press workouts will free them of their issue with male breasts. Even if this looks like it’s common sense, it truly is not. By only centering on the upper body, you actually begin to make pectoral muscles which will stick out and make the chest or breast area look even larger. The worst part about it, happens when it is not well looked after, what was once muscle mass will develop into flab and look far worse.

Using an interval circuit weight training routine is a more efficient strategy to decrease man breasts for guys that are serious about reducing man breasts by exercising. What interval circuit training consists of is performing muscle exercises such as leg squats, rowing, deadlifts, as well as incline bench presses in 3 sets with little rest in between sets.

2 – Dropping Pounds Is Likewise Not the Answer

Just by only losing weight you will not really remove what is causing the male breast problem at its core. It might minimize the appearance of the male breasts, but the instant you gain a few extra pounds, the breasts will be one of the primary things which begin to look fatter. The reality of the problem with regards to the appearance of male breasts is much more reliant on hormones and fat together. The exercise mentioned in the last section can easily help in reducing the fat component to this formula, but does little to practically nothing with regards to the hormone imbalances part.

It’s best to diet the right way in order to get rid of male breasts. This requires eating foods and taking vitamins that regulate hormones and increase testosterone in your body.

Foods rich in Vitamins B, B1, B6, B12, folate along with zinc are crucial in improving testosterone and bringing down levels of estrogen. Spices such as garlic and turmeric should also be utilized liberally in food since they likewise are a factor in the regulation of hormone levels.

Through incorporating the right diet and exercises, you can easily eliminate male breasts at its root, which means they will be wiped out permanently.

Jodie Foster Gets Plastic Surgery

It is common knowledge that most Atlanta stars get plastic surgery in order to reach or keep the spotlight. Although some talented professionals get it sooner rather than later; Jodie Foster gets plastic surgery late in life. Although being rejuvenated by the scalpel is considered as news, for some stars it is more akin to an accusation. In the actress’ particular case many experts agree she has bought Restylane injections, Botox injections along with a mini facelift. But there is much more to this since the actress can be considered as a particular case since she has always looked fresh and juvenile.

What’s even more impressive is that at her age she is just beginning to show some aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines; although magnificent genetics and a healthy lifestyle are of the essence, it is most likely that she has carefully arranged the conduction of laser cosmetics surgery procedures upon herself (under those a laser liposuction in atlanta, GA) . There is mystery behind these news since she has openly spoken about changes in a face being a sign of poor self-esteem. She has always believed in meritocracy because most people should be judge based on their skills and abilities, not their appearance. Taking care of her skin and being deep into fitness along with a suitable diet has been key for her to make use of a minimum of surgical procedures.

She has been in front of a camera her whole life and that makes it easier for a trained eye to see any non-natural change in her appearance. Some other stars strongly deny they support plastic surgery even when evidence suggests they have performed many upon their faces and bodies; this is not the case with Jodie Foster since she doesn’t judge other people who follow this path. After a careful analysis it is important to mention Foster’s aging process and how some conclusions were made. Women tend to lose more bone as they age and it causes loss of relief and cheekbones, appearance of bags and loss of volume in the face.

After some deep thought it must be really hard for an actress to get Botox injections since the compound limits the range of face expressions with the logical conclusion that it also affects expressing emotions; besides women who only appear on the screen because of their bodies or looks it is not easy to make that decision for all others. It is important to mention that Foster’s beauty result is not only product of plastic surgery but also from great nutrition, effective daily skincare, laser and peel treatments along with age-defying genes.

Liposculpture in Georgia – Atlanta : A patient’s View

Liposuction or Liposculpture is a surgical procedure that is used, when there is no contraindication, to remove fat deposits localized in different parts of the bod

In what cases is a liposuction the right choice?

It is used successfully when the indication and technique are adequate; in no way this can be taken as a treatment of obesity, nor a substitute for a nutritional weight loss in Georgia and nutritional reeducation program, nor to stabilize the weight. In fact, in these cases should be even considered? However, Atlanta lipo is an excellent treatment of the fat tissue that won’t go away even with diet or with exercise for people without significant overweight.

Liposuction has it limits, it is no panacea

It can’t be considered a complete miracle at all. This technique does not change the life of anyone, but provides excellent results when not understood as a “final point”, but as a beginning. Plastic surgeons in Atlanta must explain their patients that they must not understand “Liposuction” as a license to “misbehave forever”, but rather as a stimulus to follow through a healthy diet, exercise, etc., maintain the results forever because if not, these results will hardly remain.

What should be evaluated before surgery?

In the first visit an exhaustive clinical history (style of life, diseases, medications, allergies, etc.) should be evaluated and reported. The needed contraindications or precautions should be taken to assess whether it is possible to carry the procedure out safely. A detailed examination and measurement of the areas to be treated and also the condition of the skin is also done. An essential study is because, sometimes, when there is a great flaccidity or sagging of the skin, with liposuction only you can’t get a good result and it’s necessary combined with other procedures, as for example, with a tummy tuck or stretching of the skin of the abdomen.

The procedure:

The intervention involves removing fat, after preparing it properly, making small incisions in the skin through a thin cannula connected to a sterile suction device. Liposuction is performed in the operating room, and it is essential that the patient gets informed on the qualification and certification of his surgeon. If the amount of fat being removed is not important in relation to their body size and health. Local anesthesia and sedation can be used.

The duration of intervention varies depending on the number of areas to be treated, but it usually should be between 1 and 2 hours approximately.

At the end, a strip is placed in the same operating room to control the inflammation and minimize the risk of bruising. In addition, thus helps skin to adjust to the new outline. It is necessary to carry the strip about a month. The / the patient shall not carry out intense activities for 2 to 4 weeks, or operated areas exposed to the Sun. The incorporation to work can be almost immediately, or after 1-2 weeks, depending on the extent of liposuction and the type of work.

Having a Lipo in your city – Chicago Reviews

We started to search surgeons in the city and surrounding areas. We just went to the different search engines and started searching for chicago lipo and Liposuction surgeons in Chicago.

Talking to my girlfriend, i convinced her to undergo plastic surgery. She really needed a Liposuction. She has excess fat around her belly, love handles, and her butt. The fat stored in her buttocks does not bother me at all. I actually like her round derriere. But for sure to only way she can have a nice body back is a Lipo. By that time we both lived in Chicago, Illinois.

2014-03-26 16.07.51

My Girlfriend before the Lipo

We came up with many surgeon pages and reviewed each one of the doctors. First we checked if there were any reviews and stars (as you see them in the Google results). We focused mostly in what Testimonials had to say about their lipo procedures. Watched in detail the before and after pictures. This section of before and after is a key resource where you can start and get the idea of what the doctor performs on his patients. When you see dramatic results (of course) i refer to positive results, you get more motivated to find out about the specific surgeon. Also we paid attention on the qualifications of the surgeon.

  • Is he or her a plastic or cosmetic surgeon?
  • How long has he been performing Lipo procedures? (we don’t care about how long he has done other procedures, we just want to know all about his professional experience only related to Lipo)
  • What are his academic and official qualifications ? (who many boards is he member of? is he more of a research doctor or does he just focus into his praxis?)
  • The price is actually the least of the factors we pay attention to. Actually the general rule is the better the doctor, the more he/she charges. This is just plain math. More qualifications, more demand, the more he can charge. As long as it is your health and your appearance price is not a deal.

Motivation of Social behavior : Women’s Beauty

If we look back in our past, for Egyptians and Greeks beauty was synonymous with harmony and perfection. The Greeks interpreted Beauty as a question of symmetry and proportion. The Romans expanded conception of beauty to the entire body and its details such as height, muscles, length of extremities, features marked with a perfect profile.

The conception of beauty may be different across cultures and is certainly changing with the passage of the years. There is no doubt that this is a subjective appraisal with the consequence that what is beautiful for one person might not appear it to another. But we have created a few canons of beauty which are a set of characteristics that society in general considered as attractive, desirable and beautiful.

Beauty standards are adopted and improved by medical science and believe it or not celebrities themselves. Sectors of society are not only influenced by the appearance of these so called celebrities, they tend to create a thin line between beauty and lifestyle.

The motivations to claim treatment in cosmetic surgery are determined sometimes by the current orientation of our society towards youth and in which a youthful and dynamic physical appearance is paramount to be able to compete on equal terms. Similar importance has a good physical appearance in most of the professions and in communication with the social and emotional environment. Also influences fashion, today oriented towards better care and greater exposure of the body. Thus, the tendency to own beautification people, due to the power of beauty to change perception and behavior, is a growth industry.

But recent research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association just put into question the utility of such interventions. As noted in the conclusions of the study, retouched by cosmetic surgery people are not more attractive. However, not all findings are negative for the operated. While we cannot alter our beauty, we can alter our age appearance, since the touch-up can make us appear up to half a decade younger.

Selected References:

Treatments total, 83% are non-surgical procedures and 17% to surgical interventions such as Liposculpture. According to figures revealed in the latest survey of the American Association of plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the tendency to look young and attractive appearance he made that during 2012, they carried out in the United States more than 10 million surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

What is the mistery with Fat cells ?

Can you get rid of unwanted fat by just exercising? Is it accumulated over the years? Are some of us genetically predisposed to be fat? We dismantle some false beliefs about body fat.

Exercise alone burns away the fat

Without any discussion, the systematic practice of physical exercise has many benefits, including reducing the cardiovascular risk and stress and improve sleep and mood. But there are other ways to lose weight by controlling diet. In fact a study published recently States that people attributed to dietary obesity problems weigh less than those who believe that the gym is the only solution to their problems of overweight. Other research say that going to the gym regularly can make you eat more because it increases you appetite and consciously feel rewarded for give you a tribute and docking the fridge at the back of the gym. In short, to remove the fat check the diet, it is not enough to crush in the gym.

It is in the genes.

Genetic history has much to do with the amount and the distribution of fat in the body, but is not a conviction. It has proven that teenagers who come from families with a genetic tendency to overweight have managed to grow as healthy adults with a change in your lifestyle. It is true that there are people who put on weight more easily than others, but that only means that they must control over what they eat. A recent study has shown that fatty genes (fat genes) that are physically active people reduce their risk of obesity by 40 percent. In short, regardless of the genetic lot that we touched in grace, daily habits will have a great influence in our actual weight.

It is related to our age

It is true that metabolism slows down as we age (between 5 per cent and 10 per cent for each decade of life from 25). But being and getting older is not a reason to give up losing weight. A study that followed the habits of women aged between 50 and 75 years found that they were not only able to lose weight but that could radically change their lifestyle habits. According to the study, those carrying a food diary (track of what they would eat) lost around three kilos more than those that did not, and those who ate three times a day lost more than that ones that skipped and jumped meals. Age and weight are only numbers; the most important fact is how you feel and what you eat every day.

School Health, today in 2014 – 2015

More than half of European children go to school by car. This is especially frequent in Belgium and Germany, while in countries such as Spain, walking is more frequent. However, Spain is the country with the highest prevalence of obesity in Europe. The results of this study presented at the 20th International Congress of nutrition, rate overweight and obesity in Spanish children aged 4-6 at 24%. The Spanish figure contrasts with the German, where less than 10% of the children are overweight.

The research work (backed up by 6 European countries) aims to help in the prevention of obesity in children aged between 4 and 6 years. Therefore focuses also on other aspects, like the knowledge parents have on the nutrition and physical activity of their children. “We are analyzing the behaviors and habits of the population taking into account cultural, economic and educational aspects», says Carlos Sanchez, Vice President of the Scientific Committee.

Sanchez says that the main difficulty is to have access to the less privileged populations. In general, educational level is lower as well as their participation in school activities. To this end, it has an impact in that some of the solutions could undergo a joint work with special emphasis in families with fewer resources An option could be to offer free breakfast or meals to the children of these families. These foods should be healthy and also a good time for the promotion of healthy eating (varied and balanced).

America: What is the new beauty ?

Nina Davuluri (of Indian background) is the most beautiful woman of the United States. The jury decided for Nina in the latest Miss America contest, held last night in Atlantic City. A city that tries to forget the devastating effect of Hurricane Sandy. Her coronation, however, was accompanied by a true racist attack on the young in social networks. It is the first woman of Indian background to win the contest. “We are making history,” said the winner.

The 24 year old winner is originally from Syracuse. As Miss New York she also showed her stage performing abilities with a Bollywood style dance, without concealing her origins. Nina wants to be a medical doctor, like her father. Miss Davuluri proved to be very self-confident and surprised everyone in the room with her response to the question asked. She was asked what she thought about the ethnic eye-reshaping surgery of Julie Chen. “I’m against it, but I can understand it.”

Nina has a great academic history, because she won the Michigan merit price and the National Honor Society award while she studied in that House. She also has a specialty in behavior of brain and cognitive sciences. Nina is a fan of following healthy lifestyle, doing sports and she is a big supporter in the fight against eating disorders like, anorexia and bulimia.